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Written by : Muh Resky Ariansyah (H22115511)

On October 7th 2017, exactly 2 weeks after our last event “Guest Lecture”, we held another big event called “Energy For Me”. We invited all the high schooler from all over Makassar to came to IPTEKS Building Hasanuddin University. There were at least 5 schools came on that day, they were SMAN 3 Makassar, SMAN 4 Makassar, SMAN 8 Makassar, SMAN 21 Makassar, and also SMK Telkom Makassar. The total of participants in this event were around 100 high school students. The main purpose to held the event is to make the high school students aware of the energy and oil and gas industry. After all, energy, oil and gas, and another kind of earth subjects weren’t very popular in high school students. So, we hope after they come to attend this event, they become aware about that subjects. Besides the lecturer from Geophysics Program Study and SPE Unhas SC commitee, we also had a special guests from SPE Balikpapan Section that came on that day as a lecturer.


The event started at 8.00 WITA, when we opened the registration booth. In the registration booth, all the student got a special package from us, they were a goody bag that contains a book, a pen, and also a flashdisk. At the exact 9.00 WITA, the event opened by the MCs, Muh. Syarwan Hamid and Riana Trisartika. Then continued with welcoming speech from our Faculty Advisor, Mr. Sabrianto Aswad S.Si, M.T and then opening speech from president of SPE Balikpapan Section Mrs. Annisa Anggiriani that opened the event officially.

The next session were the lecture as the main session. The lecture been lead by Muh Resky Ariansyah as the moderator. Andi Armansyah, Vice President of SPE Unhas SC, was the first speaker. He taught the high schooler about energy in common. The second speaker was Mr. Wilsen S. Lauwijaya from SPE Balikpapan Section. He told them all about oil & gas industry. He also told us a little secret about the salary that we will get if we work in oil & gas industry as a fresh graduate. The last speaker is Mr. Dr. Muh. Altin Massinai, MT, Surv. He told us about energy and geophysics with the main concern in geothermal energy.


After moderator closed the main session, the event was taken back by MCs and followed by giving “Momento” as a symbolize appreciation for each school representative, this also be closed session for the main session.

The next session was Rangking 1, this session been lead by Muh Resky Ariansyah and Andi Fitra Faradhiba. The session became more intense and competitive because all the students want to win this competition and get the “Rangking 1” title. But, in the end only one person can get the Rangking 1, Rangking 2, and Rangking 3 title. And the person that got the Rangking 1 title is one of the student from SMK Telkom Makassar following by another SMK Telkom Makassar student as Rangking 2 and  a student from SMAN 3 Makassar as the Rangking 3. All the winners then got their prize gived by the representative of SPE Balikpapan Section.

We also wanted to say thank you to all the students that came to this event and congratulations for all the Rangking 1 winners. Hopefully, we would meet again in our future event.


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