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The International Conference on Geoscience (ICoGeS) is organized by the Study Program of Geophysics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian Association of Geophysicist (HAGI), Indonesian Student Association of Geophysics – V Region (HMGI), Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Hasanuddin University Student Center, Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE) Hasanuddin University Student Chapter, European Association of Geoscientist & Engineers (EAGE) Hasanuddin University Student Chapter.

The 1st ICOGES will be held in Makassar (Capital city of South Sulawesi Province) on 1st – 2nd of November 2018 with the main theme “Geoscience and Technology for Better Environment”. It is aimed to bring together scholars, researchers and experts from diverse areas of backgrounds and applications. A special goal of the conference is to promote an interaction and exchange of knowledge and experiences among scientists and practitioners especially in geoscience theoretical and experimental studies.

Researchers from universities, institutes and related industries working on various fields of Geophysics and related areas are expected and invited to participate for presenting their papers or just attending the conference.

The proceeding of the 1st ICoGeS will publish original research papers and review papers, as well as case studies, technical reports, etc. After being reviewed by reviewers, all accepted papers will be published in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science which is indexed by Scopus.

More information : http://www.magistergeophys.sci.unhas.ac.id/icoges2018/


Written by : Muh Resky Ariansyah (H22115511)

On October 7th 2017, exactly 2 weeks after our last event “Guest Lecture”, we held another big event called “Energy For Me”. We invited all the high schooler from all over Makassar to came to IPTEKS Building Hasanuddin University. There were at least 5 schools came on that day, they were SMAN 3 Makassar, SMAN 4 Makassar, SMAN 8 Makassar, SMAN 21 Makassar, and also SMK Telkom Makassar. The total of participants in this event were around 100 high school students. The main purpose to held the event is to make the high school students aware of the energy and oil and gas industry. After all, energy, oil and gas, and another kind of earth subjects weren’t very popular in high school students. So, we hope after they come to attend this event, they become aware about that subjects. Besides the lecturer from Geophysics Program Study and SPE Unhas SC commitee, we also had a special guests from SPE Balikpapan Section that came on that day as a lecturer. Read More…


Proses pembelajaran daring selama ini berjalan di Prodi Geofisika memanfaatkan aplikasi Learning Management System (LMS) Unhas yang dapat diakses pada URL http://lms.unhas.ac.id, dengan tampilan seperti pada Gambar berikut.

Sejak awal pemanfaatan LMS yang disediakan oleh pengelola LMS Unhas, umumnya masih menggunakan LMS-2016 (sperti pada Gambar) tidak pernah ditemui adanya kendala baik dalam pemberian materi, forum diskusi, quiz dan tugas perorangan maupun perkelompok. Namun pada tahuan ajaran baru semester gasal 2017/2018 terdapat satu kendala yang ditemui oleh peserta matakuliah pada salah satu mata kuliah yang diampu oleh Dosen Prodi Geofisika. Read More…


wp_20170524_09_58_32_proSejak bulan Februari, Prodi Geofisika telah menempati “rumah baru”nya di gedung TNR (ex-gedung Teknik) yang berada di sebelah selatan gedung Basic Science FMIPA, Unhas. Cukup berjalan sekitar 3-5 menit dari gedung yang ditempati sebelumnya. Posisi gedung TNR ini pun cukup strategis karena dekat dengan jalan utama Unhas, dikelilingi oleh pohon yang rimbun, bersebelahan dengan kantin, dan memiliki tempat parkir yang cukup luas. Read More…


Material about the making of Instructional materials presented at:

Upgrade Workshop of Teaching Materials Towards Improving the Quality of Learning Process

Geophysics Study Programs
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Hasanuddin University
September 24, 2016


Can be downloaded at the following link:

Teaching material in LMS-2016 Unhas.

For the practice of making the material, please go directly on page 23 to the end.


2 Dosen dan 3 tim mahasiswa Program Studi Geofisika akan menyampaikan tulisan mereka dalam bentuk presentasi oral dan poster dalam acara Pertemua Ilmiah Tahunan (PIT) Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia (HAGI) yang ke-41. Kedua dosen tersebut adalah Dr. Muh. Altin MTsur yang memiliki tulisan berjudul “Distribution Analysis of Sulfide Mineral (Pyrite) Using Induced Polarization Method in Libureng, Bone, South Sulawesi” dan Sabrianto Aswad, S.Si, MT yang memiliki tulisan dengan judul “ ERT and Well Data Tie for Nickel Laterite Characterization”. Kedua tulisan dosen tersebut akan dipresentasikan dalam bentuk “oral”. Untuk mahasisw diwakili oleh Andi Zulkifli dan Fitriani dalam bentuk presentasi oral dan Wulan Selle K dalam bentuk poster.



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