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On December 9th 20117, SPE Unhas Student Chapter hold the last series of event called “Ambassador Lecture Program (ALP) 2017”. As we known that ALP was a series program that hold every year. On this third ALP 2017 series, with theme “Operation Geologist on Duty”, we are invited Mr. Joe Anderson Siadary as Senior Operation Geologist at Total E&P Indonesia. This series is talked about what the geologist do. Mr. Joe Anderson Siadary also talked about his experience from college until working in Total E&P Indonesie. The participants in this event from variety major where connected with the theme, like mining, geology and geophysics. Our event also followed by SPE STT Migas Student Chapter which have been watched the event via skype.

The main event was opened by Asriani as MC, Andi Fitra Faradhiba as Project Manager who gave some speech about this event to our participant and also gave thanked to Mr. Joe Anderson Siadary. While Mr. Sabrianto Aswad as Faculty Advisor of SPE Unhas SC gave his speech and at once opened the event, 3rd ALP series 2017 with theme “Operation geologist on Duty”, with officially.

The next session were the lecture as the main session. The lecture had been leads by Muh. Sarwan Hamid as a moderator. Mr. Joe Anderson Siadary explained his lecture about the kind of well, rig, drilling, and other thing related to geology and petrophysics. The speaker not only explain the geology itself, he also describes his experince working as a geologist. He said that working in oil and gas company had a diverse background which is geology, geophysics, mining, engineering, envirotment engineering, chemical engineering, etc. In addition, he also explained some of the skill that we are needed to become one of the employee in oil and gas company. One of them are communication skill, english skill, and also a high curiosity about something. “Expand your network. Don’t just hang out in the one university but also with other universities” he added.

After moderator closed the main session, the event was taken by MC, Asriani and followed by giving momento as symbol to closed the session for this 3rd ALP Seris 2017. We also take a picture with our participant and speaker.


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