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On November 26th 2017, SPE Unhas Student Chapter held the second series of Ambassador Lecture Program (ALP) 2017. As we knew, ALP is an annual event from SPE Balikpapan Section that present professional from several oil and gas company to share their knowledge and experiences during working in oil and gas industry.

In this second series of ALP 2017, the theme that appointed is “Offshore Oil and Gas Safety”, with Mr. Syamsul Arifin as the speaker. He is HSE Professional at Chevron Indonesia Company. The total of participant in this event were about 78 participants which came from any major where connected with theme, such as ocean engineering, environment engineering, geophysics, etc. The material is talked about offshore oil and gas safety. Not only about that, our speaker, Mr. Syamsul Arifin also talked about his experience as long as he working at Chevron Indonesia Company.

The main event was opened by Deviana Frindy T as MC. Asriani as Project Manager at this event also gave some speech about this event to the participant. In the meantime, Andi Armansyah as Vice President of SPE Unhas Student Chapter in his speech giving supported, thanked and asked to all of participant to keep followed the event until end and at once opened the event officially.

The next session of the lecture was the main session. The lecture leaded by Sufridah Hardianti as moderator and Mr. Syamsul Arifin as speaker. The speaker explained his material very well and our participant absolutely enjoyed it. We was able to saw the enthusiastic of participant who come one hour earlier than schedule and also was active to gave their question about material and speaker experienced.

For giving appreciation to the questioner, the committee gave them a goody bag as souvenirs. Our event also followed by SPE STT Migas Student Chapter which watched the event via Line Live. After moderator closed the main session, the event was taken back by MC and followed by giving momento as symbolize to closing the session for this 2nd ALP Series 2017.

Biggest thanks for all stakeholder that bring up this event running smoothly without any big trouble. Also thanks for the speaker who willing spending his Sunday with us. And for the participant, thanks for coming, hope you all enjoying our event and stay tune with us for the last of ALP Series 2017 that will be held on 9th December 2017.



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